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Industry Partnerships
Establishing strong ties

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Industry Partnerships We are looking to form strong partnerships along the entire value chain
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What are we looking for?

Great things are never achieved alone. Driven by the requirement to re-invent and revolutionize an entire eco-system around our electric commercial vehicles, including both technical and financial solutions, partnerships with specialized companies and businesses are a cruicial sucess factor, as we see it.

Which industry partnerships are most intersting to us:

Telematics & Autonomous Driving

• Plug & Drive Platform: eVersum provides standard vehicles or vehicle platforms for integration of partners' AD technology through jointly predefined interfaces.
• Vehicle Development: eVersum is in the position to develops dedicated vehicle platform, tailormade to the partner’s specific requirements.
• Sales Partnership: eVersum may include AD-enabled vehicles in its sales and service portfolio.

Industry 4.0 Production Solutions

• In and Outsourcing: eVersum may offer production and assembly services in certain areas and on the other hand seeks for strong industrial partnership to further enhance its own production process.

Innovative Battery & Drive-Train Technology

• Drivetrain Upgrade: eVersum offers related engineering services as well as system or component supply to partners.
• Enhanced Battery Systems: Joint enhancements of vehicle battery systems and related architecture.

Customer Finance Solutions

• Customer Finance: As globally acting group, eVersum seeks international partnerships to offer financial services to clients and distribution partners (inventory finance) complementary to in-house structures.
• Financial Services: eVersum may offer financial services for partner vehicles through its “Mobility Capital” entity.

Smart City Integration

• System Integration: Partners offering innovative and value adding Smart City Applications find in eVersum a competent integration and distribution partner.

Operations model innovations (MAAS)

• Mobility as a Service: eVersum seeks regional partnerships with municipalities, institutions and companies looking into Mobility as a Service approaches.


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