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electric shuttle for inner-city and airport applications


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Inner-city and last-mile operation as well as passenger transport on airports belong to the operational spectrum of the eShuttle. Costefficient electric and environmentally friendly transport for up to 50 people allow multipurpose usage of the eShuttle. Fast charging within minutes allows the optimization of the battery pack size. The eShuttle is homologated for on-road and public transport applications (M3) and is capable of climbing slopes of up to 25%. Low noise & zero emission.

Vehicle Construction

The steel structure of the vehicle is self-supporting and integrates the drive motor(s) in the rear segment of the vehicle chassis. In order to optimize the center of gravity and the driving performance, as well as safety, the battery packs are positioned in the vehicle floor. The body of the vehicle is built in a modular manner and based on carry-over parts, which reduces spare parts complexity. The fully walk-through low-floor permits maximum flexibility when it comes to the seat layout.

Design and Comfort

In terms of exterior as well as interior design, eVersum sets new standards. A lot of light inside the vehicle, an optional panorma roof, high-quality vinyl floors in various surface optics and a custom-designed dashboard embedding the driver’s working place, distinguish eVersum’s eShuttle clearly from competitors..

Functionality and Safety

Audio-visual passenger information systems, cash register or payment collection systems and other functional systems can be integrated in the vehicle according to customer demands. A wheelchair ramp (manual or automatic) integrated in the vehicle floor can be offered as well. The mirror-replacement system (Orlaco Stoneridge) increases road safety in all weather conditions and helps reduce accidents.

Battery Technology

The chosen battery technology and the related possibilities or restrictions are among the most crucial factors when it comes to determinants like sustainability, energy efficiency and total cost of ownership (TCO). The option to fast-charge the batteries enables a shift in focus from autonomy per full charge to an optimized charging interval, which results in the possibility to operate the vehicle all day long without an excessive amount of heavy and costly battery packs.

The available LTO (Lithium Titanate Oxide) as well as the MpCO (Lithium, nickel, manganese) technology enable:

-> fast-charging of the entire battery pack within 12 to 20 minutes (3C - 5C)
-> the long-term use of batteries without relevant efficiency losses (8.000 to 15.000+ full cycles)
-> operation and charging at a wide temperature range (-30° bis +55° C in case of LTO)
-> the actual use of the nominal battery capacity (up to 98% DoD, depth of discharge)
-> the safe operation of the vehicle, as especially the LTO cells are hardly inflammable

The specification may include optional items and it subject to changes without prior notice.

Model Overview

MODEL MK II - 200 MK II - 400 MK II - 600
Length | Width | Height [m]5.40 | 2.30 | 3.106.9 | 2.30 | 3.108.40 | 2.30 | 3.10
Curb weight | Permissible GVW [t]5.9 | 14.007.5 | 14.009.5 | 14.00
Turing radius [m]7.39.411.5
Entry height [m]0.25 - 0.300.25 - 0.300.25 - 0.30
Norm speed [km/h]808080
Gradeability (%)252525
Nominal voltage [V]650650650
Battery capacity [kW/h]42-84 | 59-11842-126 | 59-17784-168 | 118-236
On-board charger [kW]222222
Range-extender--solar panelssolar panels
Suspension systemAir & KneelingAir & KneelingAir & Kneeling
Brake systemECE 2-circuit + recuperationECE 2-circuit + recuperationECE 2-circuit + recuperation
Passenger capacity [pax @ 75 kg/person]up to 30up to 54up to 60
Door typeelectric, rapid-slidingelectric, rapid-slidingelectric, rapid-sliding
Floor configurationfull low floorfull low floorfull low floor
Wheelchair rampmanual or electricmanual or electricmanual or electric
Infotainmentall options availableall options availableall options available

The specification may include optional items and it subject to changes without prior notice.

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