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Personal touch, global reacheversum's expertise in Global Sales creates added value for customers and partners
  • Service : Global Sales
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  • Contact : Mr. J├╝rgen Heinrich


While maintaining a certain focus on the European market, the sales team of eVersum has a proven track-record of global sales both in the on-road segment and the GSE market.

A structured and professional approach to sales enables eVersum to sell and distribute proprietory products as well as complementary products of partners and customers in the global market.

Market Segments


With Airports, Airlines, Ground Handling Companies and Financial Intermediaries being the main stakeholders in a specialized market, the requirements to sales differ decisively from the one in the on-road segment. eVersum established a strong foothold in the Ground Support Equipment market.


eVersum's Sales efforts in the on-road market are mainly focused on the European market. Driven by the demand for electric solutions and the transformation of operational paradigms, the sales of electric on-road products requires thorough understanding of local customer requirements, the influencing factors and the technological possibilities. The team of eVersum incorporates that understanding.


Vienna International Airport awards tender to Goldhofer

In October 2019, Goldhofer (Germany) was awarded a tender for pushback tractors by Vienna International Airport. A 10-year contract forwsees the delivery of up to 30 pushback tractors of the category Goldhofer AST 2. eVersum is proud to have contributed to that success.

Goldhofer AST 2

Plan and sketches of the project.

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